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Visual Basic for Applications

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We provide expert Microsoft Excel consulting Services for all of your Microsoft Excel programming needs,

Hybrid Mobile App Development


A hybrid mobile app combines the characteristics of web-based and native applications. Reach a wider audience with Hybrid mobile apps See latest Project

Excel VBA

  • The proper use of Excel VBA will save you a lot of money, a whole lot of money, and a lot of time, and is really not an option these days if you use Excel. You need to leverage the power of Excel's macros to get the most out of Excel.
    •Consolidate & Manipulate Data
    •Run Routine Tasks
    •Add-Ins for Automation

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SharePoint Applications

  • Take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint as the platform and core foundation for the business solutions by including native SharePoint capabilities combined with custom-developed functionality such as custom web parts, lists, content types, business connectivity adaptors, workflows (SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010), event handlers, features, solution packaging

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Office Automation

  • As with Excel and Access, we work at the expert level in Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint. We can automate an individual application like Outlook, or we can automate and integrate applications, like using Outlook to E-Mail a PDF of a Word document with Excel charts and graphs, and data tables. All with a few clicks of the mouse in one of the applications, such as Excel.

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