Excel VBA

The proper use of Excel VBA will save you a lot of money, a whole lot of money, and a lot of time, and is really not an option these days if you use Excel. You need to leverage the power of Excel's macros to get the most out of Excel.
•Consolidate & Manipulate Data
•Run Routine Tasks
•Add-Ins for Automation

 I am an Excel specialist with 15+ years of experience. I can:
•Help you create a dynamic dashboard, set up a purchase order system, customize a timesheet, etc. As an experienced Excel specialist will user-friendly customized Excel solutions with advanced functions and macros.
•Using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming language for MS Excel can integrate with other Office applications or other databases or files
•Save hours of manual labor. As an experienced Excel expert I will provide you dynamic VBA code that does the job.
•Provide you a simple database application in Excel if you don’t have a database package
•Help you with automating a report, combining and integrating multiple reports, data integration with your system, automate time sheets, scorecards, etc.
•Provide you dynamic business dashboards and financial models.
•If you already have macros, I can make your macros more error proof, more convenient, faster and add functionality where required. My clients want three things: cheap and fast and good. I deliver on all three.
•As an experienced Excel expert, I will help you understand if programming is necessary for your custom Excel file or whether we can solve the problem through formulas
•My business background enables me to easily understand requirements and provide you more creative solutions than other Excel experts and programmers who lack business experience