SharePoint Applications

Take advantage of Microsoft SharePoint as the platform and core foundation for the business solutions by including native SharePoint capabilities combined with custom-developed functionality such as custom web parts, lists, content types, business connectivity adaptors, workflows (SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio 2010), event handlers, features, solution packaging

(WSPs), authentication providers, Silverlight, WCF web services, custom .NET assemblies, business intelligence functionality, and by integrating with other line of business systems. Internal business applications, reporting solutions and executive dashboards are a natural fit to be housed within a SharePoint environment.


J2 Solutions provides expertise in the design, development, implementation, and support of custom business solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint, solving the needs of medium-to-enterprise class businesses and government agencies. We offer services to businesses and organizations of many kinds, and have industry experience in healthcare, finance, energy, and information technology.
Empower your business with Microsoft SharePoint and enjoy these benefits and more:
 Increased productivity and effectiveness by finding what you need, when you need it.
 Make key decisions better informed, faster.
 Provide structure and control without stifling autonomy, creativity.
 Reduce training costs by unifying your information systems under a single banner.
Our capabilities can make your organization more productive and better informed, while helping you get the most out of your SharePoint platform. Leverage your SharePoint investment with trusted experts.
 Align your IT strategy with the products you already own, reduce overall development costs, and maximize your return on investment in SharePoint.
 Decrease IT spending - Rely on our experienced SharePoint developers and consultants instead of hiring additional staff.
 Improve the success rate of your IT projects – While no one can eliminate risk, our processes reduce the risk of project failure, cost overruns, and blown deadlines.
 Improve the quality and reliability of your SharePoint solutions – having an uninterested party review your code provides a more honest assessment and frees your resources up for more meaningful development work.